Murder Most Crafty

anthology, featuring a China Bayles short story,
"The Collage to Kill For",
China Bayles’ Herbs & Flowers Paper Project

Handicrafts are a favorite American pasttime. Another, of course, is a good mystery. Combine the two and you have this delightfully different anthology on the art and craft of murder, in which the likes of paper collage, knitting needles, handblown glass, wood files, and adhesives prove to be implements of a nastier sort of handiwork. Complete with craft instructions for every crime! If you're a craft junky, you won't want to miss these entertaining, instructive stories.

Here's what reviewers have to say about the China Bayles mysteries!

  • "A diabolically clever sleuth...China and Ruby make Batman and Robin look like amateurs." —Harriet Klausner
  • "Add another fragrant bloom to the dozen already in the bouquet of Albert's herbal cozies." —Publishers Weekly
  • "A nicely constructed plot, captivating characters and dialogue." —Library Journal
The Collage to Kill For

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Murder Most Crafty (edited by Maggie Bruce) table of contents:
  • The Collage to Kill For, by Susan Wittig Albert
  • The Gourd, the Bad, and the Ugly, by Maggie Bruce
  • Call It Macaroni, by Jan Burke
  • No Good Deed, by Dorothy Cannell
  • If You Meet the Buddha, by Susan Dunlap
  • Strung Out, by Monica Ferris and Denise Williams
  • Oh, What a Tangled Lanyard We Weave, by Parnell Hall
  • How to Make a Killing Online, by Victoria Houston
  • The “M” Word, by Judith Kelman
  • Bewreathed, by Margaret Maron
  • The Deepest Blue, by Sujata Massey
  • Waxing Moon, by Tim Myers
  • Light Her Way Home, by Sharan Newman
  • Ellie’s Chair, by Gillian Roberts
  • Motherwit and Tea Cakes, by Paula L. Woods