Herb Snips

from Susan's Collection of Herbal Lore

Herbal Tea-Licious

Hands cold? Wrap them around a hot, fragrant cup of herbal tea—1 teaspoon dried herb (1 tablespoon fresh), steeped for 5-7 minutes in a cup of just-boiled water. For a delightful taste, try rose geranium tea sweetened with honey. Peppermint tea has a zingy taste and can help clear a stuffy head. Lemon balm tea has a clean, fresh lemon taste and soothes jangled nerves. Rosemary tea is a quick picker-upper and has been proven to improve memory. Ginger tea warms you through and through—and helps settle a queasy stomach as well. (For ginger tea, use the powedered herb, to taste. Sip slowly.)