Herb Snips

from Susan's Collection of Herbal Lore

Sweet Liber/tea

To celebrate this Fourth of July, brew up one of the "liberty teas" popular during the American Revolution—which began, after all, with the Boston Tea Party. These politically-correct native teas included New Jersey Tea (Caenothus americana), raspberry leaves, sarsaparilla root, and the leaves of mint, bergamot (Monarda sp.) and other herbs that the Colonial ladies grew in their gardens. To make a pitcher of tasty herbal tea, pour 10 cups boiling water over the slightly-bruised fresh herbs: 5 sprigs spearmint, 3 sprigs applemint, 2 sprigs red bee-balm flowers, 2 sprigs lemon balm, 1 sprig peppermint. Steep 15 minutes. Serve iced.